Updates and I have opened a small shop on s6 and Redbubble

Creativity in the Offices of Brilliant Blue Designs

A couple of random personal project updates– I have decided somewhere along the line to learn hand lettering and calligraphy in my free time (laughs quietly to myself about the concept of free time.)  I have been posting some of my progress in my instagram account and you can follow along if you would like here:my instagram

Apparently, this summer got my creative juices flowing in general- and I got back to some projects that I wanted to do years ago. I like doing small illustrations in traditional media. When I say small, I mean in the 8×10 size or even smaller. When I went back to school for graphic and web design (or graphics technology as my school was so wise to call it), I got intensely fascinated with repeating patterns and textile design. Even though it was not a part of my coursework, I had made a vow to myself that it was something I would do…someday. As a part of that vow, I have started painting again- using watercolors, gouache, and marker pens, and then using the skills I have with Adobe Creative Suite to refine my little creations. I have no illusions that I am the next Monet or Van Gogh, but my illustrations make me smile, and they are very much me, and that is something that is very, very satisfying.

I am not yet ready to design textiles from my painting- but I have some things brewing in my brain that may lead to these sort of designs (kids’ designs first most likely, then something girly, go figure), but I have done a few small things that I have slotted into a s6 and redbubble shop because I figured it was time. Links follow.

Shop on Redbubble— note on their t shirt previews: the colors on their t shirt previews look “muddy” and always have. I have a t shirt printed by them and it looks a lot more like the general preview image than the t shirt preview image. I cannot guarantee this will always be the result but I did want to share this. They have had an rgb/cmyk color issue for years now and have still not resolved it and this is what is reflected in this image issue. Brilliant Blue Design RedBubble Shop

Smaller s6 shop Brilliant Blue Society6 Shop: