Great Infographic- how to work with your graphic designer

How to Work With Your Graphic Designer

Do You Always Work Effectively as a Team with Your Graphic Designer (or Web Designer?)

Came across this graphic the other day about how to work effectively as a partnership with your graphic designer, and I couldn’t have done it better so I am taking the time to share it here….

It has some lovely points about why I like to take the time to get the know my customer’s business/company as I start working with them—  if I am going to represent you and your company, it only makes sense that I know who I am representing!

(a sense of humor never hurts either- and when it comes to catching typos and grammar mistakes- well, the more sets of eyes that take a look at something, the better.  Sometimes it’s pretty amazing how blind we can be to something if we look at it all day- I know everyone is guilty of that sometimes! )

How to Work With Your Graphic Designer

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