Digital Illustration Services and Graphic Design

  • Your Ideas, Our Implementation

    You bring the ideas and we will make them a reality!

  • Photographic Manipulation

    Photographic manipulation, or integration with graphic elements – using your own photographs available.

  • Fees Include Royalty / Ownership of Images

    Our fees mean you own the final product.  We ask that you allow us to show off our collaborations in our portfolio if we want, but you own the images, and the right to sell the images, always.

  • Digital Artwork

    Digital artwork means easy reproduction and sale in online stores if desired.  Check out our own RedBubble sales if you want examples of how that could work.

Computer illustration or digital illustration is the use of digital tools to produce images under the direct manipulation of the artist, usually through a pointing device such as a tablet or a mouse.

Why Offer Digital Illustration Services?

Here at Brilliant Blue Designs, we have found that some of the tasks that we do for ourselves do not fall under nice, neat categories – and those same tasks are also beneficial to our customers.  That is where digital illustration and graphic design services come in.

How Do I Know I Want Illustration Services?

If you have a vision in your head or a sketch in your hand and you want to make it a reality, chances are you want illustration services. If you want a t shirt design using nice looking lettering design, or you want a graphic,  visually striking poster, you likely want graphic design services.    

The possibilities are wide open!