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Welcome to Brilliant Blue Designs, your stress-free source for all your digital marketing and web design needs. Brilliant Blue Designs has a passion for helping small businesses and solo entrepreneurs discover who they are.  I am dedicated to giving you the very best of digital marketing and website design and maintenance, with a focus on individual service, clear communication, and cutting through the self-doubt.  Brilliant Blue Designs will deliver a brilliant picture of your brand so you can focus on the true work of building your business.

Founded in 2012 by Jamie Thomson, Brilliant Blue Designs has come a long way from its beginnings as a single referral.  Jamie started as a web designer under DigiDonkey Web Design in Cocoa Village, and Brilliant Blue Designs is very happy to continue to working with these customers.  Brilliant Blue Designs now serves customers all over Florida, Michigan and the rest of the United States, and are thrilled to be a part of the online design industry. Brilliant Blue Designs is actively building connections with professionals in the digital and marketing arenas to increase our ability to offer the very best services to our customers and hope you will join us in this next stage of our journey!

Brilliant Blue Designs is now a business-in-residence within the SheHive in Ferndale, Michigan.  This means a guaranteed physical space to meet with customers when needed and a more regular working day.   Stay tuned for what other exciting things are in store! 


Who I Am

Jamie Thomson Brand Identity Designer Owner Brilliant Blue Designs
Jamie Thomson, Psy. D.
Founder & Designer

Graphic & Web Designer with a Psychology Background

Formerly a practicing clinical psychologist, I discovered I was missing that visual creative spark in my work helping other people.  In 2010 I got specialized training in digital design, and found my true happiness- helping others realize their digital visions.  Fortunately, my background in psychology adds a depth to developing full, cohesive brand strategies for my customers.  

Brilliant Blue Designs arose out of a single referral while I was still in classes, and it has grown to be the expression of my long standing desire and passion to “witness the journey” and see the transformations that take place when someone makes a true connection with something that truly describes themselves or how they would like to be.  I feel so fortunate to be invited into this process, and to be included in so many entrepreneurial journeys! 

Let’s get your vision realized!

Outstanding Design company

I believe in three things: Communication, honesty, satisfaction.

I will strive to ask the right questions, let you know realistically what my timetables are, and what you can expect from the process. I ask that you offer clear and timely feedback in return. I ask that you be as honest as possible when giving feedback for one simple reason : I can’t fix something for you until I get to the bottom of what is making it not quite right. I truly do mean it when I say, if you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy. I truly love seeing you succeed, and I feel the best chance we have at succeeding as a team is following these guidelines. There may be times I get off track due to life’s many realities – I depend on you to remind me of my promises and keep me honest In return I will remind you of the promises you made to me.   That is a true partnership, and it gets results, I’ve seen them.  

With clear, honest communication we can truly create brilliant things together!

Brand COnsulting Services

You can find an overview of the services I offer here.

Latest News and projects

Latest news and projects can be found here

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mitts and bash
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