About Brilliant Blue Designs

Brilliant Blue is an expression of all that is great about Florida and design.  Blue for the sky and sea in Florida and Brilliant for the creative process that leads to the fantastic designs that offer you just the creative solution you need.  Brilliant Blue Designs is a small boutique graphic design agency that offers you individual attention to get you the creative solution you need for your very best design solution.  Whether it’s marketing materials like “slicks”, flyers, business cards and stationary, posters, or more illustrative design, we can find you a solution.  We can also get you up and running on the web with web design and maintenance services.

Our Specialities

Website Maintenance and Design
Logo Design and Refinement
Advertising Materials
Graphic Design
  • Brilliant Blue Designs Graphic Design Web Design Services
  • Trifold Brochure Design Realty Mockup
  • Jack Anna Beanstalk Magento Ecommerce Website Design

Let’s Work Together to Make Something Brilliant!

About Our Owner

Previously a psychologist, Jamie Thomson discovered she thrived on visual results and design aesthetic.  Creativity had always been a part of her life and education:  some retraining followed and a new chapter of her life began.  She has been happily translating her mental visions into digital and print creations for the past 7 years.  She finds that psychology lends a particularly helpful hand when determining the best direction to take with branding and marketing decisions.

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